Services - Energy & Environmental

Sustainability Support 
We help clients develop sustainability programs to effectively and efficiently implement Federal Executive Orders, internal policies and guidance related to energy and environmental performance.  We provide support for their energy and water conservation programs and help them achieve Net Zero Energy and Water goals.  In the past we provided Sustainability Program Support to the Army National Guard (ARNG).  Currently, as part of our contract with the Department of Army we are providing support for Fort Huachuca's Water Wise and Energy Smart (WWES) Program.

Energy Auditing
We perform energy audits of buildings to develop energy and water saving recommendations, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction strategies and wastewater management solutions.   We have the capability to perform ASHRAE Levels 1, 2 and 3 energy audits of facilities.  In the past we have performed energy audits for the Department of Interior's National Park Service.  Currently, we are performing on-site energy and water audits of Fort Huachuca buildings.

Utility Invoice Analyses
We conduct utility invoice analyses for clients.  We analyze the electrical usage and costs of facilities over time, identify utility billing errors, make energy cost savings recommendations and develop Utility Invoice Analysis reports.   
Energy Pricing 
We help clients understand the difference between regulated prices based on average costs and competitive prices based on marginal costs. Dr. Kapur analyses the economics of renewable energy projects at different electricity prices and makes recommendations about pricing electricity generated by these projects.  The firm has explained the functions of Independent System Operators(ISOs) and Powerpools to clients, trained managers on pricing of power by utilities and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), and advised clients on hydropower economics and pricing.  

Energy & Water Efficiency/Conservation 
We help clients understand the benefits of conservation programs in terms of energy & water savings, lower costs, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. We have reviewed the energy conservation plans including the screening, design, implementation and evaluation of demand side management programs by utilities.  We have presented testimony on energy efficiency issues.  Currently, we are providing support to the U.S. Army for Fort Huachuca’s energy and water conservation program in Arizona.

Environmental Compliance and Climate Change Issues 
We help clients understand the benefits of environmental programs and develop promotional strategies for these programs.  We have analyzed the Clean Air Compliance plans of Midwest utilities and made recommendations based on the analysis.  We help clients with their climate planning processes by delineating goals and developing plans and strategies for lowering GHG emissions.  

Industry Energy/Environmental Analysis
We are experienced in industry economics, production, structure, market condition energy and environment issues.  Dr. Kapur has participated in twenty proceedings before state regulatory commissions on economic and market condition issues related to the electric and natural gas industries.  She has testified on industry demand, supply, structure and cost issues before regulatory commissions and prepared reports, studies based on economic analyses of changing industry structure.  She helps clients understand economic, market structure, policy and environmental issues related to industries. 

Regional/National/International Green Energy Markets
We analyze green energy markets at the state, national and international levels.  We study business practices, structure, strategy and pricing in these markets.  We analyze policies and programs that foster these markets and conduct economic analyses to judge the viability of these markets.

Clean Energy Technology Evaluation 
We evaluate new technologies and how they affect the company bottom line in terms of costs, revenues, customer satisfaction and market penetration.  We analyzed a Midwest utility's integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) project.  We judged the competitiveness of the IGCC project as compared to other options.

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) 
We assist clients with all IRP issues including forecasting, demand and supply side screening and least cost optimization. We review their load forecasting, demand and supply side planning and environmental compliance efforts.  Dr. Kapur has reviewed studies on these issues for an international journal. She has presented testimony on IRP topics before utility regulatory commissions.

Power procurement
We analyze competitive solicitation of power by utilities to serve their customers. We help clients identify competitive solicitation processes, delivery constraints, costs, and potential for market power.  We study the economics of utility power purchase arrangements to find out if these arrangements satisfy least cost requirements.

Mergers and Acquisitions 
We perform cost benefit analyses related to the mergers of utilities. We have reviewed the individual and joint resource plan modeling by utilities proposing to merge and identified the impacts of the merger.