Best Practices Research of Climate/Sustainability Initiatives
We identify successful climate initiatives adopted that can serve as best practices for a region.   We determine appropriate focus areas and study actions under each focus area undertaken by jurisdictions similar in size and characteristics to the region.  These actions cover a broad range of sectors including energy, forestry, land-use, agriculture, transportation, industry, and waste management. 
This helps in finding climate actions suited for a region’s Climate Action or Sustainability Plan.  We then determine appropriate goals and targets for the Plan.
Determine Appropriate Funding Options
We research and make recommendations on other jurisdictions’ funding, financial and incentive models that can serve as best practices for a region.  We identify mechanisms that could potentially support the Initiatives developed in the Climate Plan.  We perform internet research; review publications; interview experts, public and private entities to develop these recommendations.  We question these entities about state level, local and utility level loans, rebates, grants and other incentive programs for these initiatives.   We seek their input on the kinds of incentives being offered, the types of programs and policies supporting these financial incentives, and the implementation of these programs.  We make inquiries about model examples related to program implementation and energy/environmental savings related to initiatives funded through these programs. 

Partnership Approach to Develop Plan
We engage various stakeholders in the development of a region’s Plan by first seeking their input on the kinds of factors that need to be considered for selection of initiatives.  Based on these interactions with stakeholders we make assumptions and develop formulas that result in a selection methodology for initiatives, so we can make recommendations for achieving environmental goals.  These recommendations could include increased commitments towards suggested initiatives, specific plans and policies to lower environmental emissions, adoption of new funding and financing mechanisms. 

Develop Implementation Plans
We develop implementation plans for each of the identified strategies under a climate action plan.  We create a detailed description of how the initiative will be reached and identify a target date by which the Initiative will be completed.

Tracking and Reporting Plan Progress
We provide support for measuring, tracking and reporting progress of implementation of a region’s Climate Plan. We measure the emissions reduction impact of each measure and success of each climate effort.

Climate/Sustainability Planning Experience

Dr. Kapur helped the City of Charlottesville, University of Virginia and Albemarle County with the Local Climate Action Planning Process (LCAPP) goal of lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  She participated in an Energy Conservation Working Group to delineate goals and develop plans and strategies for lowering emissions from energy use.

We were involved in sustainability planning for another major locality in Virginia and provided Sustainability Support to the Army National Guard.